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Increase your Burlington bathroom renovation I.Q. and make the right choices so that you can live in an extraordinary home. To that end we offer hassle free in home consults and the most complete approach to creating a stress free renovation.
Bathroom Renovations that are smarter, cleaner and personalized to your liking.
  • Bathroom Ideas

    To say Bathroom Ideas designs and renovates with an eye for the unique use of high-quality materials is very true. That’s the essence of what we do – but it hardly tells the whole story .. Our purpose is to help homeowners like you increase their renovation I.Q. and make the right choices so that they can live in extraordinary homes. To that end we offer hassle free in home meetings and the most complete approach to creating a stress free renovation.

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    We’re not just passionate about bathroom design, but everything else that goes with a full and rewarding renovation experience. We also offer a selection of premium tiles sourced from local and international artisans, faucets, fine cabinetry and other materials you won’t find elsewhere. Our Bathroom Renovations have become a point of pride for designers & homeowners alike. Why do they insist on Bathroom Ideas? Because they know they can count on genuine service, an inviting creative atmosphere and a superb bathroom expertly constructed every time. It’s not unusual to see people coming back to Bathroom Ideas for additional home projects and advice. We’re creating an intimate space to both relax in and interact with as part of your daily routine – and we couldn’t be happier about it. Get to know us and you’ll see: we are so much more than a typical renovation company.

  • Experience

    Your Bathroom Ideas experience will begin with a personal visit from our principal designer. They will look with a designer's eye at the layout, the style and individual character of your home. They will then measure, sketch details, take photos of any features and get a feel for the ambiance of the space. Most of all they will listen to you. This is your chance to say exactly what you want, what you absolutely must have and how you want to live in the space we create together. Our promise to you..... "We won't let you make a mistake"

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    Personal attention to your every requirement and concern. Detail oriented project management. Value added interior design services. A clean renovation including our very own “Dust management system”

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Our Passion for Renovating a Bathroom

When we started, Bathroom Ideas was the creation of passionate minds that wanted to transform the way Burlington, Ontario residents viewed what was possible in the world of residential remodeling. While our bathroom designs and renovation work is what we focus on specifically, it is our passion for people and creating exciting homes that truly drives us. During the time of our in-home consultation for your new bathroom, we hope to help you see the possibilities that your home holds within its walls. Seeing the space in new and inventive ways through the lens of our shower renovation plan will open your eyes to the rest of the possibilities for transforming your home. The most satisfying part of our job is when we have continued conversations with our customers in Burlington about how their renovated bathrooms inspired them to do even more. If you are interested in bathroom renovations that can change your perspective and satisfy your creative soul, then Bathroom Ideas is ready to help you get there.

What Our Designer Can Do for Your Bathroom Addition

If you are creating a brand new bath for your home, then you have a wonderful opportunity to start your project from scratch. A creative bathroom addition can be the key to making your home the envy of the neighborhood and our designer can help you get the most out of your investment. The Bathroom Ideas design that you will get for your brand new bath and shower, will utilize a variety of innovative ideas and best use the square footage you have available to create a masterpiece. With the highest quality tiles and cabinetry, you will not just gain a new bathroom, you will probably have your new favorite bathroom in the whole house. In addition to your design, you will get the bathroom construction team that you need to make all of your dreams for your bathroom addition a reality. Our bathtub fitters and renovation contractor will make sure that you get the most fantastic new bath possible. If you want to change the way you think about residential remodeling and create a cutting edge bathroom, then Bathroom Ideas is waiting to work with you on any home in Burlington. We look forward to setting up a consultation soon.

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Project Manager

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John Coyle

Construction Manager

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Site Manager


This is what energizes us to constantly do more!

Keeping Your Bathroom Construction Clean with Our “Dust Management System”

We are always looking for creative and interesting ways to solve problems. Using the same creative energy that allows us to make great bathroom renovations, we have created a system for construction dust control that keeps everything clean during your renovation. Utilizing our 3-step system, your bathroom construction will be a clean process and you will have one less thing to worry about during your residential remodeling. We know how to keep dust away during a bathroom reno, and it starts with our innovative filtering system. With a burst of creative energy, we have formed a cool filtering system on wheels that can go anywhere to help clean during your bathroom construction. Working at top speeds, the filter pulls dust from the air and also has a heap filter to catch drywall dust. Utilizing this tool, you will have to worry a lot less about how to get rid of dust. This makes your shower renovation more enjoyable and helps keep the good vibes going throughout the process. The second step is simple but quite efficient. We create a dust barrier system using drop sheets. The key is to use as many drop sheets as you can while keeping the workspace usable. With all of these clean drop sheets, you will notice an incredible difference in the amount of small dust left behind at the end of the project. The final keep to construction dust control is tenting. Keeping the areas of your bathroom that are not under construction protected from the other areas through tenting is a key part of our dust barrier system. With these three steps, Bathroom Ideas will help you keep a clean and highly efficient workspace from the very beginning and eliminate the unnecessary cleaning that could have been so time-consuming. This allows your creative renovations to be a truly joyous experience from start to finish and keeps everyone focused on what is most important.

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